Why You Should Choose MoRadiance Moringa-formulated Hydracool Body Wash

With so many body washes on the market, why did we think you needed MoRadiance Hydracool Body Wash in your life?  Below are 5 reasons.


1. As you get older, the changes in hormones may cause significant changes in your skin.  These changes may also be different among women, so that someone with perimenopausal or menopausal skin may experience dryness while another person may have oily or sensitive skin.  Because of the variation in skin during this time of your life, you need products that will address your specific issues. One of the unique characteristic of Moringa is that it is an adaptogen.  This means it address the specific and individual needs you have. It will therefore give your skin what it needs, while also addressing the needs of another person with different issues. 


2. We at MoRadiance believe in evidence and no gimmicks, so we looked at many of the studies of ingredients before we included them in our products. Moringa is one of the most studied plant in the world.  One study in 2014 concluded that moringa cream enhances skin revitalization effect and supports anti-aging skin effects.    Postepy Dermatol Alergol. 2014 May; 31(2): 71–76.


3. Aside from anti-aging benefits, the extract from Moringa Oleifera leaves and seeds has also been shown to have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial effects. Int J Dent v. 2018; 2018 PMC 7176315


4. Moringa has also been show to help promote even tone skin.  The plant is high in vitamin A, which is the primary active ingredient in prescription anti-acne, dark spot reduction, and anti-wrinkle medications such as Retin A and Differin.  It is also high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is used in many expensive skincare products to to brighten the skin, even the skin tone, and get rid of age spots.  With aging, we are more likely to see dull skin with sun spots or skin discoloration. Moringa, with it's high content of vitamins and minerals, has been shown to help build collagen, reduce the signs of aging, and address skin discoloration. Plants (Basel). 2021 Feb; 10(2): 318.




5. When you use MoRadiance body wash and facial wash, you will notice that the body is cleansed without being stripped of its natural moisture or pH. This is because the ingredients we have chosen are all known to be protective and healing. Moringa in particular is believed to have a role in providing healing to the skin, the central nervous system, as well as various organs in the body. Adv Pharmacol Sci. 2014; 2014: 354264.


In our next blog, we will share some of the benefits of the other ingredients in the MoRadiance Hydracool Body Wash and facial wash.


To give your body the nutrients it deserves, Go to www.moradiance.com and grab the MoRadiance Moringa-formulated body wash and facial wash combo for a deep discount. 


The information presented in these blogs are for educational purposes only and is not meant for diagnosis or treatment. Seek clearance from your doctor prior to making any changes to your health.


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